for Your Travel Needs

Are you looking for good flights for summer travel right now?  I can highly recommend next time you need to find flights and lodging and plan for things to do.

After you go to, click on “Travel” in the menu across the top.  You could then click on “Flights” or on “Hotels” to quickly find flights, lodging and rates.  (Here’s their link to “Destinations” where you can start your planning from a specific city.)

Rate indicators for both lodging and flights will help you know when is the most economical time to schedule your trip and which hotel or flight has the better price break.

When searching for your flight, go to the Flight page and enter your departure and arrival information.  (You don’t need to check the search boxes for Expedia, Hotwire, etc.) will pull up a lot of results, but use the sliders for times and prices on the left to narrow your search.  You can also ask for only a specific airline if you’re a frequent flier member. is a search engine from Microsoft that goes beyond just searching for information, to assisting you in your decisions.  Click here to learn more about how Bing travel works.

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