Travelling Overseas? Share Your Computer Skills

If you travel or are interested in a missions trip, you might be surprised to learn how much you could teach someone who hasn’t had as much exposure to computers as you have (even when you might think you aren’t qualified in this area). I’m sure you do things on a regular basis on your computer that you don’t even think twice about .  Could you share your knowledge with someone on your trip?


If you’re going overseas, could you add a little one-on-one computer training with some of our overseas national staff wives?  They may have limited options for ministry, however, your time with these staff sisters could go a LONG way in helping them with their computer skills and opening up ministry opportunities for them.

NOTE: If you want to take some of your old technology with you to donate to our staff overseas, you’ll have to get approval from the legal office at headquarters first.

Missions Trips

Last year, the JESUS Film Project offered a mission trip to teach English and computer skills overseas..  I’m sure the Jesus Film Project Office will offer more trips like these in the future.   You probably have enough computer skills for a trip like this.

What do you think?

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