Campus Crusade Tweet List

I have several lists for Campus Crusade for Christ Tweets:

I’m not keeping track of every ministry or everyone who is tweeting.  That would be unnecessary, of course, for this blog.  However, I’m looking for more Tweets to add to these lists.  If a Campus Crusade for Christ ministry has an active Tweet account, please let me know through commenting here.  (I’ll be unable to include individual campus ministries, though abecause 500 is the maximum for a Twitter list.)

My other list of Campus Crusade leaders is more exclusive as well just to keep this list a manageable size . Obvious candidates to make the list would be:

  • those in leadership, or
  • or other staff generally known by the Campus Crusade family.

I’m also including those I know whose Tweets would contribute to VLM  (Virtual-led Movements) in some way.  (I also have  a non-Campus Crusade VLM list).

Again, thank you for commenting here if you can recommend any staff to add to the Tweet list of Campus Crusade for Christ staff.

Thanks for helping populate these two lists.  You will help others find Campus Crusade ministries, staff, and resources.

7 thoughts on “Campus Crusade Tweet List

  1. Hi, we tweet @

    & the CCC ministry we work with tweets @

    We’re also under facebook as @rossandtaya & FamilyLife Australia. We’ve just set up the Australia sites this week, but we’re hoping to stay faithful in using them to converse with Australians about the relationships that matter most. Aussies are big into social media, so I’m hoping to learn a lot from you, Brian Barela, & others. Thanks!


    1. Thanks, Ross and Taya,

      I actually think I will learn more from you as you try social media to reach Aussies with FamilyLife ministry. I’ll be very interested in how that goes for you and will want to see you on e4e with a guest post some day. OK?


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