new Campus Crusade for Christ logoHe experienced God in a way that changed him: a new heart, a new countenance, a new man, and a new name.  Although he was once called Abram, he is now called Abraham.  And although he was once called Saul, he is now called Paul.  These heroes of the faith have gone before me, marked by change.  So I too feel inspired to experience change in my own life, for I was once called lost, but now I am called daughter.  And although that process did not personally lead me to change my name, God certainly changed my heart.

Today, I not only walk along the path of those who have gone before me, but I also walk along a path marked by movement: spiritual movement.  And spiritual movement gives way to change in order to advance the gospel so that everyone may know someone who truly follows Christ.  During my time moving along this path, the Lord has given me opportunities to reach the woman at the well.  Only, I did not find her in the ancient days of the Middle East, but on a college campus in the southeast.  I have also witnessed the woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her hair and with expensive perfume, but her extravagant act of worship took place in a ballroom at a Christmas Conference.

So, as I continue to take footsteps forward in this spiritual movement formerly called Campus Crusade for Christ, but now called Cru, I feel as though change seems like the norm.  After all, if we are experiencing God the way Abraham or Paul experienced him, then change is inevitable.

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