A Texting Ministry

T Mobile smart phoneA fellow-worker in an African country is successfully using text messaging (SMS) for ministry.  Here’s the key points of his work:

  • He’s always had a big heart for cellphone and radio ministry.
  • His deep study of the word of God gives him words to share via SMS.
  • He has his own manual phone book which holds about 1000 contacts and a database for his SMS.
  • He does his texting ministry every Sunday, spending about seven hours and $80 on the ministry each week.
  • He’s funded by friends and by people who receive texts from him; the rest he covers out of his own funds.
  • He sends different categories of SMS to different groups of people.
  • One woman was saved from committing suicide; she was just about to kill herself when she received a godly, loving message that comforted her.
  • He has seventy students working with him at the local university.
  • He sends messages to about 1000 people and is seeing about 10,000 people being influenced because the text usually circulates from one friend to another.  Some people in his team forward his message to twenty or more people.
  • He’s now planning to use the internet rather than manually sending SMS from his cellphone.

I’d like to thank my friend, Miheret Tilahun, for verifying this information about his colleague.

NOTE: I just started using Google Voice, which would enable a texting ministry to be for free over the internet, but Google Voice is only available in the U.S. at this time.  It was fantastically easy to text multiple people quickly from my computer.

2 thoughts on “A Texting Ministry

  1. first i want to praise our Lord Jesus for our sister Mary B. for giving me insight to this text ministry site. God is using her to bring His grace and love to many. I was just at this point where the text ministry our Lord has given me was becoming a bit burdensome because it was very hard to catergorize and multple people multi-media text from my phone. I am very anxious to see where the ministry will go, only our Lord knows. I plan to try google voice and God willing He will allow His Son Jesus into the hearts and minds of many through us together. It is Him (Jesus) that will do the work ,in and through us all “His Body” always blessed and thankful


  2. Robert if you are in the U.S. and can use Google Voice, I think you’ll like it. You can type your texts on your computer’s keyboard which will save you time and help you be organized as well.

    God bless you for your heart for texting ministry. Don’t give up. Technology continues to change and your ministry should become easier.


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