Pin It!

Blue_Thumbtrack 470 x 140I’ve found pinning a very helpful way to find quickly what I use often. (No, I’m not referring to the latest popular social site, Pinterest, which allows you to “pin” your favorite images to a virtual “corkboard”.)

  • Windows 7 allows me to pin programs to the taskbar, along the bottom of my monitor screen, so I can readily open Outlook, Excel, Mozilla Firefox, TntMPD, and other programs I use daily.  (Read how…)
  • I especially like pinning files in the “recent document list” in Word 2007, Excel 2007, or Powerpoint 2007.  (Read how…)
  • You can also pin specific web pages to the taskbar with Internet Explorer 9. (Read how…)
  • If I prefer not to have a lot of icons in my taskbar, I can pin programs in the Start Menu.  (Read how…)

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