This Month’s Shared Reader

Have you been reading the GSW Shared Reader, a selection of posts from Campus Crusade for Christ staff bloggers?  If you are considering blogging and want to see a sample of various ministry blogs, or you would simply enjoy reading a selection of posts, subscribe here, choosing the “monthly selection from Campus Crusade for Christ bloggers”.

The Global Staff Women’s Shared Reader is like a monthly “online newspaper” with selections only from our Campus Crusade  authors.  These bloggers will encourage you to draw closer to God, challenge you in your leadership skills, give practical advice for ministry, offer a taste of life in another country, and more. During the first week of every month, I select posts from different blogs and different subjects.  Because of the main focus of eQuipping for eMinistry, many, but not all, of the featured blogs are authored by our women who use their sites specifically for ministry.

This month’s selection includes:

  1. Heather shares how to mother a child who is SO different from herself.
  2. Amy reflects on the importance of time in the Word.
  3. Harvest some great insights from Terry on how to work with an intercultural team.
  4. Is your playlist out-of-date for your student ministry functions? Tim shares his playlist with you.
  5. eQuipping for eMinistry can help you write better. This post has links and resources to help you.
  6. I simply had a creative moment publishing some funny spam I’ve received. Almost 400 people read this in two hours after publication, so I include it here to add a smile to your day. (These spammers should’ve read the post on writing well!)

What do you think?

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