4 Years and 30 Million Installations of the Bible

See the link in the notes to view the entire infographic.

At the young age of four years, YouVersion has had 30 million downloads of its mobile version of the Bible (FYI: 30 million is more than all the Peruvians in Peru!)  The downloads have actually been available in less than four years because YouVersion started as a free, online Bible before expanding to iPhones in April 2008 and other devices later.

If you haven’t already installed YouVersion on your mobile device, download YouVersion (for free) for your:

Travelling overseas?  You could have the Bible in their heart language on your phone!


  • The complete infographic is fascinating.  Philipians 4:6 is the second-most shared and the number one bookmarked verse (“Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God.”)
  • The image and information are on YouVersion’s blog.

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