iPad’s Split Keyboard Tip

The iPad’s split keyboard has hidden buttons. If you like to reach over to type t, y, h, g, b, or v on a QWERTY keyboard, then you might like to use this feature.  You can pull or push the keyboard to enable or disable the split or use the “toggle keyboard” button in the lower right to use a menu.


  • This post is in the Keyboard Tips Series.
  • If you’ve read this blog for any time, you know I don’t use Apple products often, but I DO try to find help for those of you who do.  Maybe this blog, Finer Things in iOS, will have some helpful tips for you.  Click on a topic in the black bar across the top of the blog to fine-tune your search for iPhones, Macs, or whatever.  I found the image and information about the split keyboard here.

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