When You Need Help

I love this video!  I love the Medieval time period, books,  and helping others with technology…  and I also have a Norwegian heritage.   Many of us, me included, have first encounters just like this when we are introduced to new technology.

For  two-and-a-half years, eQuipping for eMinistry has helped many Campus Crusade for Christ staff be more comfortable with new skills and new tools available for ministry.   Dozens of others have lent a hand, too, through offering their expertise and ministry ideas for this blog and through one-to-one training sessions.  

You aren’t alone.   What do you need help with? If you comment here, I’ll do my best to write a post, addressing your need, or I may be able to connect you with someone who could assist you.

I appreciate your prayers and encouragement.  God has been providing opportunities and  some great volunteers. 

NOTE: Spanish / Español version of the video

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