Changed Lives in Israel

Are you aware of the internet ministry of Their vision “is to reach the entire nation of Israel with the gospel of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) through media & online.”

Here’s a few facts from their site:

  • Israel is the leading country in the world for hourly time spent online and also number one in the world in the amount of time spent on Facebook. 95% of Israelis between the ages 15-28 own a Facebook account.
  • Every 100 Israelis will own 122 computers (First in the world)
  • “WiFi” is available to the public for free at universities, coffee shops, malls, hospitals, and even at the beaches. Almost every house in Israel is connected to the Internet. In Israel, everyone is online, all the time!
  • Proselytizing minors (under 18) is illegal in Israel. The Internet is both the best way for them to explore for themselves (as well as a point of reference for believing youth to send their friends to).
  • Today, if an Israeli googles “Messianic Jews” or “God” or “Yeshua” in Hebrew, the first results to come up are anti-missionary websites because anti-missionary organizations invest a lot of money in search engine optimization and advertisements for the words people use when searching about our faith online.
  • The Internet gives Israelis the freedom to investigate about Yeshua. They can read the New Testament without their father kicking them out of the house or they can chat online with believers in Yeshua, forming relationships with them.

I also found some stories (almost A to Z)  on one of their newsletters:

“A” has been asking many questions in our Q&A forum for over a year. Recently, we connected him with a Messianic congregation in northern Israel that he visited on a Shabbat (Saturday) and he absolutely loved it. Please pray that the seed that has been planted in his heart will grow and mature to bear much fruit.

An older Israeli woman has been in touch with us recently and is very interested in the gospel. She has been involved in the Kabballah, searching it for truth and spiritual fulfillment but has realised that it is not to be found there. Please keep her in you prayers, that the Lord will take her completely out of the darkness of the Kabballah and bring her into the light of Messiah.

“Y” first made contact with us through our Q&A forum and was soon asking direct and thoughtful questions. We had the chance of meeting with “Y” for lunch a few days ago and learned that he is a high-ranking officer in the IDF. He is studying religious Christianity at the university and through that has come to learn about Yeshua. Please pray that “Y” will be given a revelation of the true Messiah and that his mind will not be boggled with religion.


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