Professional Photography Help for You

As a staff member I had a good idea of the importance of communicating with supporters. Now, as a former staff member turned supporter, I can tell you how truly important it is. The more we know what’s going on the more likely we are to be consistent with our support. And in addition to words, we want to see pictures.

During my 10-plus years as a photographer with Worldwide Challenge I always included photos in my prayer letters. It was important then, but it’s even more so now. Images are everywhere, so they need to be in with your communications with your supporters. That’s true whether you’re sending a prayer letter or just making updates on Facebook.

Because of the popularity of photography and its importance in communicating with supporters, I want to see staff take better photos. Better photos stand out and grab your donors’ attention, making your ministry more visible to them.

At least once a month I’ll be posting a photo tip of the month giving staff ideas on how to improve their photography. Some months I’ll have a bonus tip. I will cover topics from basic composition, to event coverage, to photographing your kids, to photographing cityscapes and landscapes of the places you visit, and other tips staff may value.

My first topic will be the basic outdoor portrait.

More about Pat:

Pat spent 12 years on the photo staff of Worldwide Challenge. He now resides in Bellevue, Nebraska, with his wife Patti, their two children, Talitha and Pasquale, and their dog, Montana. He is a freelance photographer/writer, a community college photography instructor, and also has a creation ministry called The Creation Speaks Project. His website is Wildheart Photography. His Facebook page is God’s Art.

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