Could You Use A Rugged Mobile Computer?

The Motion Computing F5v is an impressive computer that just might be the solution for your ministry.  If you work:

  • outdoors
  • in remote locations
  • in a field clinic
  • in a warehouse with inventory
  • at a conference

Perhaps our FamilyLife, GAiN and JESUS Film ministries, as well as others, could use a rugged tablet like this.

The computer has a touch screen or you can use a dgitized pen on the screen. The Motion Computing F5v can handle different weather conditions and is readable in bright sunlight.  It has a Gorilla® Glass screen and a rugged body with a handle.

I was impressed that you can swap your first battery with a charged second battery without shutting down.

Optionally, it can come with:

  • a magnetic stripe reader
  • an RFID reader
  • cameras
  • a bar code scanner

It’s Windows-based which would be important for accessing Campus Crusade for Christ systems, such as PeopleSoft.

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