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Are you aware that you can create your own online newspaper or subscribe to one that interests you at allows you to publish an online paper (either daily or weekly) with tweets from a Twitter list or through an RSS feed.  You can even add to your paper when you read an interesting article anywhere on the web using their bookmarklet. is also available in several major languages.

Read posts and news from CCC Staff Bloggers makes it much simpler to get a quick look at some topics you care about or to follow multiple bloggers’ posts and tweets, using a familiar newspaper format.

I created a newspaper, Best of CCC Tweets, featuring tweets from our staff. The articles in this paper are blog posts from our staff, plus links to other articles that they share on Twitter. If you subscribe to Best of CCC Tweets, you’ll receive an eMail notification of the latest edition. (If you are on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and think your tweets would contribute to this paper, contact sus.schmitt at or comment below.)

Creating a Newspaper and Why

What about you and your ministry? Should you create an online newspaper featuring:

  • leadership blogs
  • ethnic ministry issues
  • student ministry blogs
  • Athletes in Action tweets, especially with major sporting events
  • international travel news and tips
  • anything else?

These kinds of online newspapers could be a great tool for passing along information or highlighting a ministry. Let us know if you start a newspaper that would be of interest to CCC staff and friends of the ministry. I’ll be glad to promote your paper!

If you’d like to build your own site, here’s how: How to Publish Your Own Online Newspaper with Your paper will publish automatically (daily, weekly, or a morning/evening edition) or you can refresh content at any time.  You can choose to alter the headline and featured articles (after publication, unfortunately) or keep the ones generated by

Another good reason to have a account is the phrase “daily is out” has the most significant impact on clickthrough rates in Twitter.  (See the infographic  at How to Get More Clickthrough Rates on Your Tweets. Click the “promotional tweet” box under “promotion” in your “paper settings.”)

So You Want to Subscribe…

To get you started reading, I can recommend some other subscriptions, too.

From CCC:

From Others:

Do you have any subscriptions to share with us?

4 thoughts on “CCC Staff Bloggers on

  1. Great way to show off the CCC bloggers, Sus! You are always taking us to the “cutting edge” of social media! Thanks for the encouragement! I learn so much from you!


    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Terry! 😉

      I forgot to mention that having “Daily is Out” significantly improves click-through rates on Tweets. I’ll add that to the post.


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