Furthering Your Writing Career through the She Writes Community

Every once in a while God prompts us to connect with someone in our circle who can connect us to yet another person who has the ability to help us reach our goals.  Some call this networking; I like to call it divine intervention.  One vehicle that makes these connections possible is social media.  I recently experienced connections on this level as a writer when I reached out to an editor friend by first finding her contact information on Facebook, then emailing her to ask for her expert advice about furthering my own writing career.  She replied with the suggestion that I look into joining the online community, She Writes.

So I simply went to www.shewrites.com, clicked on the “Getting Started” tab, and created my profile.  I have been able to upload eight of my more recent blog posts with the intentions of uploading more, time permitting.  I have participated in three discussions with other women writers.  And I have also joined five groups already established by other writers with topics ranging from “Spiritual and Inspirational Writing” to “Publishing Industry News”.

Not only have I uploaded personal content and joined large groups, but I have also experienced contact on a more personal level.  I joined a discussion in which one woman asked if she ought to start a blog as a new writer.  I responded by encouraging her to do so.  I also asked other writers how they push through rejection from publishers.  One woman responded to me by sharing her experience of undergoing multiple rejections before ever signing a contract with a publisher.   Still, not every contact I have made has been with a new face.  I have made a couple connections with some familiar faces that have joined She Writes as well.

So whether you believe in networking, divine intervention, or both, She Writes is worth looking into for yourself, especially if your desire is to not only to further your writing career, but to also experience a virtual community of other writers along the way.  I am currently still in the process of building my network and getting the maximum benefits from the website, such as sharing my own content and getting expert advice, but I have felt very encouraged in the process.

Meet e4e author Leaha Shaikh and read Leaha’s posts on e4e.

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