Wikitude and Augmented Reality Worlds

I think Wikitude offers some great potential as a ministry tool. Using your smartphone’s camera and the Wikitude platform, you “browse” the world around you; Wikitude ties in with apps you’re already using like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and more; look through your camera to find recommended eateries and special deals for hotels when you travel, for instance.

Just from my limited knowledge about Wikitude, here’s some ideas I have:

  • As above, find hotels and restaurants when you’re travelling.
  • Locate other members of your summer project team.
  • Find recommended places that previous teams had visited.
  • Find out where the locals are.

Apparently it’s easy to build an app for Wikitude (developers, click here). Some developer ideas for an app for your field ministry might be so that:

  • People can find your events, service projects, Bible studies, and meetings.
  • CSU seminars and other information is GPS-enabled to mobile devices (plus staff can find out if their Twitter or Facebook friends are already at Moby, in the gym, or chillin’ a local restaurant).
  • A graduating senior lands a job in another state and finds CruCity staff and activities when he moves there.
  • After downloading Wikitude and a Cru app, a donor discovers FamilyLife’s “The Art of Marriage” in the next suburb over.

Let your imagination go, what could you do with Wikitude for your ministry?  If we had a Cru app for Wikitude, could anyone involved in Cru anywhere in the U.S. find other Cru ministries when they travel within the U.S.? (That is, one all-encompassing Cru ministry app?) What could you do if you also had some kind of Cru app to use with Wikitude?

2 thoughts on “Wikitude and Augmented Reality Worlds

  1. Hi Sus,

    Dan from Wikitude here. Just wanted to chime into the convo and let you know that you’re spot on with your assumptions. In fact, turning my screen over to one of our devs, he says that everything you’re wanted can be done with the Wikitude SDK. We currently offer a (free!) 🙂 product that you can test out the “find others” feature. We call it myWorld, and you can create locations with your smartphone and then share them (to those that you select) via Facebook. The FB app may be found here:

    I’ve also put together a short video explaining myWorld a bit better:

    (That’s actually my voice on the video) 🙂

    If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks! Dan


    1. Hi, Dan!

      What a great surprise to see your comment. I checked your links right away.

      Thanks for confirming that Wikitude can do what I suggested (and more, of course). I like the Facebook app, too, in order to invite specific people to your places.

      I’ll let my developer friends know you dropped in and I hope they’ll weigh in, too. Thanks for making yourself available for our questions.



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