Create a MailChimp Newsletter with Our Free Template (Guest Post)

In a previous post, I explained a few brief reasons why you might want to consider an email service for sending newsletters and also gave some quick steps to get you started with MailChimp. (e4e now has detailed steps for you as well. Please follow these two links for more information.)

I’m assuming that you’ve signed up for MailChimp and would like help to send a newsletter. I created an easy template for you to download and use right away.

  1. Go to my template on Google Drive and click on “download” (the arrow under File). This is an html file for a basic MailChimp template. (10/02/2012: See NOTE below for the new Cru template.)
  2. After you’ve downloaded the template, watch my video for how to customize the template to make an attractive and easy newsletter.

It’s really this simple! Try it out! You can also learn more from MailChimp about their dozens of free eMail templates.

Guest Post by Doug Weiss

Doug has been on staff for 17 years and serves as a media producer and digital strategist for The JESUS Film Project.  He is a Chick-fil-a and sweet tea fanatic. He has been married for 13 years to Karen and they both enjoy traveling the world with the ministry.  You can find Doug online on Facebook and Twitter and at his blog Outside The Box Ministry.

NOTE: 10/02/2012: We just created a Cru logo template for your MailChimp newsletters. To add this template to your collection, follow the directions in How to Make a MailChimp Newsletter with a Cru Header.

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