Helping You Start a Blog or Website

I’ve had a couple hours of insomnia, so it was the perfect opportunity to put some more content on eQuipping for eMinistry to help you create a blog or website.  I’ll have much more here on e4e over time, but I feel this is good material today to help a beginner launch their site.

For a general overview and helpful links, check the How-tos section for Blogs and Websites. You’ll also notice some drop-downs in the Tutorials tab at the top of this page for blogging and evangelistic blogging. Let me know if you have any content suggestions for the how-to page or any questions I can answer in the blog.

For easy step-by-step instructions, I published Getting Started on WordPress which includes:

  • Starting an account
  • Changing your blog’s appearance
  • Creating a post, including adding pictures

(Again, thanks to my summer intern, Bethany, of one dress. one year. for freedom. for writing this step-by-step WordPress guide.)

Can you write a step-by-step instruction, or recommend a link for getting started with blogspot, typepad, posterous, tumbler, or other blogging platforms? Let me know! You would be helping staff start a blogging ministry.


4 thoughts on “Helping You Start a Blog or Website

  1. Hi Sus. I have a question for you.
    I want to get my prayer resources on the web so they are more accessible for others to use. Is a blog the way to go or a web-site?.. there would be sections and archives of the older resources.
    I’m not kooking for conversations/feedback. Just want to make them more available, rather than via email from me to those who ask me for resources on certain God focuses.


    1. Jacquie, I think I can answer better if you’d eMail me some of the content you’re talking about.

      If you go through all the trouble of putting this material out there as a “static website,” it’s not likely to be seen. If it’s really a place for you to direct your friends to your resources, maybe Google Docs or would be a better idea.

      A blog could potentially reach more people and bless them by participating in prayer together, but I get the sense that you aren’t planning to do that.


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