When Is the Best Time to Send Your eMail?

Find out the best times to send your eMail.
Find out the best times to send your eMail.

Marketers and eMail services have analyzed tens of millions of eMails to help you know when the best time might be to send your eMails. The time of day is one of the most important factors.

Time of Day

  • eMails have the best results within the first hour of arriving in your recipient’s inbox. If they sit longer, the open and click-through-rate (CTR) decline.
  • About 40% of eMails arrive from 6 AM until 12 PM. Your eMail may get lost in this mass influx.
  • Try for  2:30 to 4:00 (remembering time zone differences) as an optimum time to eMail. 8 AM to 10 AM would be a second option.

Day of the Week

I used to think it would be better to eMail people on the weekend when they’re freer and not deluged with eMail. I finally listened to experts’ advice and changed my MailChimp mailings to Mondays and Tuesdays.  My open rates increased dramatically!

Most eMail is sent Tuesday through Thursday, so Monday and Friday may be a little better because of having less competition in inboxes. If you have an eMail service, like MailChimp, you can experiment and find what works for your readers.

Do you pay attention to when you send your eMails?  Do you use a service that adjusts to time zones so your eMail arrives at the right time all over the world?


Learn more from the full infographic and the analysis by GetResponse.

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