Embedding Videos in WordPress

If you’ve used WordPress for a while, you may notice that you’ll usually have several options how to do different things. For instance, I know seven different ways to tell you how to get to the “add new post” window. This is very helpful because you can start from various locations within WordPress.

So, I’ll tell you a few ways to embed videos in WordPress.com and in WordPress.org. I won’t tell you all the ways you can do it, especially because I’ll start with the easiest way and this may be all you’ll need to know.

The Easiest Way

Watch the video and follow his directions.  That’s it.

I found that the first option worked fine for WordPress.com; I preferred the second embed option for WordPress.org because the video was too large for my blog page when I did it the first way.  I ended up using the dropdown and customized the video at 550 pixels wide.


If you’re a careful observer, you’ll notice he’s not in the “visual” version of the window.  To the far right you’ll see two tabs, Visual and Text (or HTML). You’re pasting HTML code (a computer language) from  YouTube, so you’ll need to be in the Text or HTML tab when you paste.

I was very happy to learn that I can uncheck the box on YouTube for “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” so I don’t have the annoying display “ad” of possible “related” videos after the video is done.  I’m going to have to go back through and change this for all my embeded videos. (I noticed the code is ?rel=0, for the few of you who want to do the change by hand).

Other Ways to Embed Video

You might want to embed a video from another site or use some of the other tools available to you.

For WordPress.com:
  • Click on the “Add Media” button to the top left of your editor window.
  • Choose “Insert from URL” and paste your video’s URL address.
  • Click “Insert into Post”.

Also see WordPress.com Support’s article on videos.

For WordPress.org:
  • Click on the “Upload/Insert” to the top left of your editor window.
  • Choose “From URL”
  • Choose “Audio, Video, or Other File” and paste your video’s URL address.
  • Click “Insert into Post”.

Alternately, you can download a plugin for WordPress.org. I’m using Viper’s Video Quicktags which gives you convenient little buttons in with your editor buttons for  four video sites. The plugin supports eleven video sites (including Flickr video) and many video file types.

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