Your Online “Business Card”

Have you thought about a landing page? Landing pages are used for marketing and for driving people to a location (for sales, typically), but could you use one? It might be helpful if you have several accounts on the internet. Directing your friends or potential donors to one location will help them find your various ministry sites and help them contact you through these accounts. Landing Pages

The free version of will allow you to have five accounts synced with your page. Let’s say you’re a blogger with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts with terrific photos on Tumblr. That’s five accounts. (For people like me, I have way more than five, but I felt like just having my main sites is certainly enough.) The available accounts you can sync numbered more than two dozen.

I wanted to have my Twitter account synced, but had some problems connecting with it. I got around that by using the links feature and added “Tweets” under my LinkedIn account just now. (You also have different options for colors, fonts, layouts, and more… even with the free version.)

I recommend visiting my actual page to see how it works.  Clicking on the links in the bio paragraph  and in the link for Tweets will take you to those sites. When you click on one of the five accounts that are “synced,” you’ll actually see my activity in a dropdown on the right side. A potential donor could read your most recent blog posts right on the landing page. (I noticed Facebook only seemed to bring up my photo albums.)

I opted not to have my contact information on the landing page and will probably decide if I want different accounts synced.  For instance, I could have only accounts that relate specifically to my ministry with eQuipping for eMinistry and not mix in anything else. I need to think through who I’d use the site for… donors or my eQuipping for eMinistry friends or does it work for both? was fairly easy for me to put together an attractive online “business card” in under an hour. It wasn’t completely intuitive, but they use a standard triangle shape to expand and collapse options, so once I realized that, I knew my way around.

Do you have a landing page? Who is it for? Has it been helpful to have one?

3 thoughts on “Your Online “Business Card”

  1. Good idea, especially if people want to search for you online. I used for my writing sites, haven’t updated it in a while but I notice that it always pops up when I type in my pen name.


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