e4e Has a New Look and Easier Navigation

favicon blueI hope this new design for eQuipping for eMinistry is helpful for you. I worked particularly on the navigation, which is all down the left sidebar. I need to edit some of the text in the pages and a number of the photos are too small to show up in the summary blog posts, so I still have a to-do list for the blog.

Explore the “new site” and then please give me your feedback on this design. e4e is for you, so let me know what you need!

2 thoughts on “e4e Has a New Look and Easier Navigation

  1. Love the new look! Love that it really is easier to click around and find things! A lot of work, my friend, but well worth it. You’ve got a real winner here. Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner–haven’t been on my computer the last few days. Miss you, my friend!


    1. Hi, Dayle,
      Thanks so much. I had this concept basically on the other site, but this layout makes it even easier, I think, to use e4e as a resource. Now I’ll have to be aware if an older post is out-of-date because now readers will find it! 🙂
      Miss our monthly times to laugh and learn. Miss YOU.


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