Why You Should Use Boomerang


The deadline for signing up for the corporate discount for Boomerang has been extended to April 23rd. Read the original post to learn more about Boomerang and how it can enhance your ministry and your productivity. If you have your systems in place and manage your office, life, and eMail well, this tool may not be at all what you need,… but it still might. (For instance, would you like your eMail to arrive in the morning in Sydney or after lunch in Buenos Aires?)

Jason Larsen, former Cru staff and currently providing quality websites for staff at MyCruSite.com, has been using Boomerang and writes:

Boomerang has helped me stay more organized in my email workflow, allowing me to stay on top of communication and tasks much more efficiently. I highly recommend Boomerang if you rely on email for any kind of communication on work projects.

Andrea Buczynski, Vice President of Global Leadership Development for Campus Crusade for Christ, is signing up and thinks it will be a very useful tool for staff:

I’m in with this tool. If you’re a P on the Myers Briggs and need help tracking the details that get lost in your inbox, this looks like a good support. I’m recommending it to my team – many of whom do distance coaching, that is, if I can find the email with the link in it!

I’m with you, Jason and Andrea! eMail is a significant part of my ministry and I’m sure Boomerang will help me respond to people in a timely way.(By the way, read Andrea’s insightful posts on her blog, AB Reflections.)

If you use eMail a lot and/or in a significant and timely way, the free version is still available at ten uses per month. Also, the  paid version includes mobile capability and recurring eMail features. Check out the difference between “free” and the paid version here. I was told we’re getting what would normally cost $15/month.

Are you signing up for Boomerang?

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