eMinistry Tips for Facebook

Facebook logo iconYou’ve been praying. You’re certain that God has impressed you with names of Facebook friends to share the Gospel with. Now what do you do?

For reaching out to your friend, check their history first by visiting their profile.  Did they go through some difficulty recently? Ask God to guide you to share what will lift their eyes to Him. Prayerfully decide if you should write to them on their wall or in a Facebook message. On their wall, you can encourage your friend’s friends. If their need is too personal, write them privately.

The Facebook “River”

Think of Facebook as a river in flood stage. When you’re sharing on your wall, you’re about to toss your precious wall post into this river. Are the people you’re trying to reach traveling to work? Attending classes? Preparing a meal? Your post will be “downstream” when they come back to their computers. They may never see what you wrote unless you included their name in the post. If you can wait to write your post at a better time of day, it’s worth that extra step.

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos will catch people’s eye and are recommended for Facebook ministry. I like to think of a video as a beautifully-wrapped gift. Most people are eager to open it.

If you would like to share a photo or video on a friend’s wall, be courteous. Some of your friends may think of their Facebook wall as their own decoration, so you would need to be a close friend with them to know if it would be okay to post something on their wall. Again, it may be better to send the photo or video in a message.

Here’s some inspirational photos with quotes you can share:

Here’s some videos:

Why not make and share your own video of God’s work in your life?


More Facebook ministry help from:

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