Don’t Lose Your Readers on July 1st

My Feedly section on blogging

Google is shutting down their Google Reader on July 1st. People who were reading blogs on Google Reader won’t have access to these feeds.  Also, those who publish on blogs and websites could possibly lose a lot of followers. (Kinda sounds like Y2K!)

Side note: If you don’t follow content on the internet through RSS feeds, read 3 Reasons Why You Need a Reader and then pick out a reader from the list of seven readers below.

For Bloggers and WebMasters

Start communicating now with your readers through your posts, social networks, and eMail services, like MailChimp. Some of your readers might be willing to sign up for your MailChimp letters if they were reading your posts through Google Reader before. Encourage them to subscribe or to switch to a new reader. I know some of my followers prefer their reader over receiving an eMail from MailChimp. Let them choose what works for them and share with them what reader you use. (I use Feedly.)

You’re welcome to use my content to alert your readers or direct them to any of the links.  I’ve provided some tweets you can use, too. All tweets have a link to this post.

Tweet It!
  • Don’t lose your feeds to your favorite blogs! Switch from Google Reader before July 1. Click to Tweet
  • RIP Google Reader on July 1! What reader do you recommend? Click to Tweet
  • Blogger alert: remind your readers to switch from Google Reader before July 1. Click to Tweet
  • Bloggers, don’t lose lots of subscribers. Steps to take before July 1st Click to Tweet

For Blog  and Newsfeed Readers

Check out the list of readers and choose one that works for you.

If  you don’t have time to deal with this right now, just sign up for Feedly before July 1st and Feedly will migrate your feeds without your needing to do anything, or you can download your Google Reader content using Google Takeout right now and then migrate your feeds to NetVibes when you have time using these easy steps.

7 Possible Readers

  • Feedly will do the import for you
  • Flipboard is visual and social
  • Google Currents is a visual format for mobile devices
  • NetVibes has a powerful premium version (also check out the related article below)
  • NewsBlur has a social aspect to it
  • Pulse has an importer to bring in your Google Reader feeds
  • Zite learns what you like to tailor what you read

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