Effective Communication for Ministry through Technology Seminar

seminar postWow!  Look at this great turnout for the seminar Tuesday! I tried to make the content really practical, giving the staff an idea of the one thing they should do next. If you want to see the PowerPoint from my seminar and panel, you have a few options:

  • I uploaded it to GoogleDrive for Cru. It’s a little messy from the conversion, but find it here if you have CruMail.
  • I uploaded it to the e4e blog, so if you click this link you’ll immediately download the PowerPoint.
  • I videotaped the PowerPoint presentation today which is available on the StaffWeb and on YouTubeI also now have a transcript of the video.

I encouraged the staff to make their ministry more social and to be aware that many of their donors are using mobile phones. Because of this, they need to know how their newsletters look on a phone or tablet (iPad, Nexus7, …). Does their friend need to scroll to read the letter or make several clicks before they see your content?

Four friends also joined me up front to form a panel of experts in social media, blogging, and online ministry. We had time for more than twenty minutes of questions.

Some of the material from the panel included:

Thanks to everyone who came! I’ll put up more content on eQuipping for eMinistry that I covered in the seminar over the next month or so.


  • The video and commentary is now on eQuipping for eMinistry (August 21, 2013). Watch it here.

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