The GeoSocial Universe and Mobile Devices


Jess3 released their third version of the geosocial universe infographic this year. If your ministry is forward-thinking, you’ll want to study this information and make plans how you might want to use social media and mobile devices to further the Gospel.

The main infographic has three “satellite” graphics.  I posted one of them here.

Click on the main graphic for a larger view. The three satellite graphics are:

  1. The Integrated Giants (shows the percentage of social integration per social site for the word’s top 10,000 web sites).
  2. Everyone’s a Critic (the value of customer reviews on OpenTable and on Yelp).
  3. The Not-So-Worldwide Webs (explores country-specific social media sites).

There’s a lot more data on the post from Jess3. Did you know the global subscriptions on mobile devices totals 5.98 billion?

What do you think?

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