eQuipping for eMinistry Reaches 100,000 page views!


eQuipping for eMinistry Reaches 100,000 page views!

What a great milestone today!

Thank you to all visitors, both regular and casual, for  encouraging the growth of  eQuipping  for eMinistry (e4e). Because of you, e4e readers,  the effort of producing this site has been fruitful and fulfilling. Thank you!

Thank you to many Campus Crusade for Christ staff who have contributed content, guest posted and told others of the e4e blog. Thank you, too, for all those who’ve attended lab sessions, seminars, mentoring, and other opportunities to learn technology in order to enhance ministry.

Thank you to Judy Douglass and Women’s Resources for encouraging me and resourcing me to plant and grow this service to  staff.

Even though this blog deals heavily with technology and the Internet, what e4e really helps to do is connect the people of the world with the person of Jesus, especially through resourcing Campus Crusade staff as they, in turn,  touch the lives of individuals in 191 countries.

To God be the glory! Soli Deo gloria!

Source: This outstanding fireworks photo is by Jiří Nedorost and is available on Wikimedia Commons.

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