Indigitous Amsterdam 2014

View of Amsterdam 750The Indigitous Amsterdam Conference

If you don’t remember from previous posts, “Indigitous” is a fusion of Indigenous and Digital. These two words were chosen because “indigenous” reflects the goal of locally-generated strategies which will work in each generation, language, and culture combined with the digital tools, resources, platforms, and strategies which will accelerate God’s mission. The conferences come out of the Global Digital Strategies office at Lake Hart and are offered in different locations, making them readily accessible to more people. Five Indigitous conferences were held in 2013 and 2014.

My husband, Mike and I attended the Indigitous digital strategies conference in Amsterdam from May 15 to 17.  The photo is a view of Amsterdam from our first meeting. About 120 attended from around the world, mostly from European countries. All were eager to connect people to Jesus using digital strategies.

As Cru’s two European areas joined hands in organizing this event, focus was of course on Europe, a continent unlike any other. The diversity in cultures, traditions, languages and economic realities is greater than anywhere else. Over the last fifty years, large parts of Europe have secularized, becoming in effect post-Christian. In marketing and business, the trend is ‘experience economy’, emphasizing the importance of offering something memorable rather than selling a product. Consumers have become participants and co-creators. Networks have taken the place of hierarchies. And on top of that, the social media revolution disrupts the balance of power in virtually any area of society.

…Tom Seely and myself are incredibly encouraged by the momentum that the event has created. The meeting of minds from all over Europe has been very inspiring. Pray with us to see a continuing European movement of people that share Indigitous’ passion: we make disciples.

The conference sessions covered topics like design, gamification, and more, from an array of interesting speakers.,,, and other ministries were represented.

All Indigitous conferences include putting teams of people together to create eMinistry tools as part of the schedule. Cristian Voiculescu was pleased with the mockup developed for an app that would enhance an offline strategy in Romania.

Read more about the conference in an article from Mark on the Indigitous blog. If you’d like to follow the blog, future articles will feature videos, stories, and slides from the conference.

NOTE: Here’s our photos from the conference and another article, European Ministry Opportunity, about the training I did in the Agape offices in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (with pictures, too).

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