What in the Cyber-World Should You Talk About?

Hashtag 750x380Do you ever wonder what in the world you should talk about on social media? I hope the eConversation Calendar Guide I just created for you will be helpful in joining conversations in cyberspace.

What to Talk about on Social Media

When you’re ready to peck out a post or text a tweet, you might draw a blank. Here’s some ways to find content for social media.

  • Some obvious topics you could try on social media would be current events or national holidays.
  • For current topics on Twitter, check out TrendsMap for popular hashtags. Join a global conversation or narrow down to the regional or local level if you have a target audience in mind. Today, for instance, is May 4, 2015, and #MaytheFourthBeWithYou is trending, as it does every year.
  • Check my eConversation Calendar Guide.

eConversation Tips for What to Share on Social Media

Did I tell you about my eConversation Calendar Guide? It’s in the upper right sidebar. You’ll find a potential topic for most days of the year. Check the calendar any time you’re stumped.

For instance, when I discovered today that May is Jewish American Heritage Month, I posted a link to this site on my cousin’s Facebook timeline and encouraged her with her efforts to change our world. She didn’t know about this heritage month and thanked me right away. May is also Asian-Pacific American History Month, so I shared this link with a handful of old high school friends of my kids’.

What about you? You could also share on Facebook or Tweet about these special months or write a blog post about the people and events you find on these websites. (I think I’ll look into that idea for my evangelistic blog, The Sovereign.)

As you use social media, you’ll get a feel for it and how you want to use it. This may be different for you, but I would post #TBT on Facebook and #FF on Twitter, not vice versa. That’s because, in general, Facebook has more people who I want to be known by and Twitter is my global audience.

What’s in the Calendar

I didn’t include what I thought would be obvious events like holidays. I also mainly looked for ministry-value topics.

If something has a beginning and ending date, it shows up daily. #Cru15 is an example. (I also made a #BAMCru15 hashtag for the Bloggers / Authors Meetup I’m organizing.)

If something is weekly, like #ThowbackThursday or #FollowFriday, it shows up every week on that day of the week.

If a topic has a monthly emphasis, I entered it on the calendar every ten days with the name of the month at the beginning of the entry.

I only entered monthly information for May and weekly hashtags. I’ll add more to this calendar a month at a time. Within a year, it will be complete. Eventually, I’ll have entries for every month of the year. They’ll be in the calendar by the time you need them.

What do you think?

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