for Free Social-Media-Friendly Graphics (Guest Post)


Using Canva is Free (or Low-Cost)

You don’t need to have a degree in graphic design to create compelling, eye-catching graphics. You don’t need to be a Photoshop wizard, or use other expensive programs. Creating graphics can be easy and fun and FREE. All you need is

Want to give your quotes a great background? is for you! Most of their pictures and fonts are free, but some cost just $1.  Canva’s search engine allows you to discover legal professional photos to use for just $1. Or upload your own image to design your project. Every photo is easy to manipulate with a filter, focus tool, and other easy techniques with a touch of a button. offers hundreds of fonts and too many tools to describe here.

Canva Is Social Media Friendly

Good visuals are the key to getting your message read on websites, blogs, and social media channels…especially Pinterest. Whether you need graphics for a presentation, a banner for your blog, a Pinterest image or a Facebook post or cover photo, has thousands of options, and is so-o-o user friendly, it’ll soon be your favorite tool when you need a graphic. Work from one of their perfectly-sized social media templates or create a customized canvas for a particular project.

Canva Is Creative and Fun

Still not sure you can do it? There’s a design school and a blog to help kindle your imagination with ideas for a long time to come! It’s an absolutely great site for creating graphic designs.

Did I mention it was fun?  Try today, and start creating!

JaneyGuest Post by: Janey Nieboer, on the Women’s Resource Communication team.

Janey has a heart to encourage all our staff sisters to be all God wants them to be. Janey has been on staff since 1983, serving as a trainer at the Great Commission Training Center in Jos, Nigeria, and at the Orlando Institute.  Janey is married to Larry, and they have two adult children: Anna is married to Michael Chung and serves with Cru internationally; Alex is in college.

As a confirmed introvert, Janey recharges by reading, painting, or playing games with her family and friends. On most days, she’s connecting with our amazing staff sisters around the world, or researching the latest tech tools to share on and on social media, or playing with Canva, her favorite creative tool.

Image source: Sus created the image in just minutes using Canva and a CSU2013 photo.

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