Quick e4e Guide to Cru15

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I’m posting a quick guide from eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) about some of the opportunities I know about for this year’s U. S. staff conference. I thought I’d get you started thinking about these. I’m sure you’ll learn of other recommendations from social media and word-of-mouth.

eQuipping for eMinistry

e4e is again hosting the Bloggers and Authors Meet-up (BAM).  Don’t let the title fool you, it’s for anybody. For instance, you may just want to meet people passionate about writing (and reading), or you may want to meet an author, or talk to a blogger about starting to blog. Read my earlier post about who’s coming and how they could help you. Come anytime July 16 4:30 to 6:00 in the Pavilion Lounge of Laurel Village. Sign in at the welcome table for giveaways. Let me know you’re coming on the Facebook event page.

I also will be doing a 30-minute session called Blogging 101 in the Social Media Lounge in Durrell July 15 at 3:45. I think this talk will interest new and current bloggers. I just now created a Facebook event page for Blogging 101. Early Tuesday I’ll put up some information about Blogging 101’s content on the page and try to answer your questions there during the day so you can decide if you should attend. I’d also appreciate if you’d invite others.


If you need some tech and/or social media help, visit the Help Desk or Social Media Lounge in Durrell. Also, check out the scheduled demos for the Social Media lounge, which you see in the above graphic.  Learn more about scheduling an appointment with Digital Strategies or about participating in games to earn prizes in this article.

#BAM is an amazing place to find assistance to get started blogging or publishing that book you’ve dreamed of writing.

As always, I love meeting staff and helping as I’m able.  Don’t be shy about talking to me if you see me around. (If I can do any consulting it would be after BAM on the 16th.) It doesn’t hurt to ask me. Please say “hi” even if you don’t have questions.


#BAM is an excellent place for encouragement in your writing ministry.


Love Twitter? Then meet others who love tweeting at a Tweet-up in the Social Media Lounge in Durrell on July 17 at 4:15.

Many staff have already downloaded the Cru15 app. It’s been fun to see the different places our staff have been as they travel to Colorado. You can also sense the excitement and anticipation of being together. BAM, the Tweet-up, Blogging 101, and other opportunities are included in the calendar feature of the app so you can keep track of where to be each day.

Use #Cru15 and other hashtags to follow the conversations, with or without the app.

And did I tell you #BAM is a cool place for building community for writers, readers, and followers?

And more…

Play the Hunt for your chance to win an iPad mini!

Share social media cards to promote the Bloggers and Authors Meet-up and/or Blogging 101 by downloading some cards from Google Drive.

Check in at the Social Media Lounge if you’re interested in being part of a team of volunteers behind the Twitter and Instagram conversations for #Cru15.

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