Hide and Seek

Painting circa 1877


I’m amazed at the realism of this painting. I’ve spent many hours as a child, and later with my children, playing Hide and Seek. Now that we have grandchildren, I’ll be playing it again with our new little ones.  In the upcoming months, it may seem like I’m hiding behind the sofa from you, too.

Mike and I have had an intense summer. . . and it’s not over. This weekend our son receives his master’s and next weekend our daughter moves to Minnesota.  At the end of the month, lots of family will be arriving for our son’s wedding. The craziness started in May and will easily go into September. It’s good, but it’s also demanding on everyone’s schedules.

I’ve spent a LOT of hours on eQuipping for eMinistry for the past months, and even years.  I’m so eager to continue doing many things for and with all of you. However, for a season, I’ll be temporarily cutting back. Our family needs us right now, and we also need to find more monthly donors. For a time, I’ll be giving these two things priority and minimizing my blogging and consulting.

… and Seek

Why am I telling you?  Mainly because I want you to know that I’m still here and that I hope to be back soon, but mostly because I need and appreciate your prayers. If you would, please be praying for my time management and for success while we seek out new ministry partners this fall. (“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”)

So, I apologize if I’ll seem unresponsive or unavailable (… or hiding). Hopefully, I’ll be able to pop out from behind the sofa not too long from now. No need to call “olly, olly in free.”


  • This oil on wood painting, Hide and Seek, by James Tissot, was painted about 1877.
  • One of my favorite variations of this game is Sardines, or Hide and Seek in reverse.

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