How tos for YouTube Ministry

You TubeIf you or your ministry uses YouTube, I recommend recent research posted by Cru’s Some key findings in the research includes:

  • Length matters (1’59” maximum)
  • Make your video interesting*
  • Color matters – color is emotion*
    • YELLOW optimism, clarity, warmth
    • ORANGE friendly, cheerful, coincidence
    • RED excitement, youthful, bold
    • PURPLE creative, imaginative, wise
    • BLUE trust, dependable, strength
    • GREEN peaceful, growth, health
    • GREY-WHITE balance, calm
  • Establish your audience (See NOTES about personas)*
  • Create a catchy headline of no more than 140 characters
  • Offer a maximum of three major benefits to the viewer
  • Support the benefits with:
    • short stories,
    • examples, or
    • statistics
  • Show enthusiasm*
  • Look for opportunities to use humor*
  • Close with a clear call to action

A number of these points would work for other forms of video ministry. I used an asterisk to mark the points that could possibly be used for Instagram, Snapchat and Vine videos.


What do you think?

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