Slides and Overhead Projection with Your Laptop and Phone

laptop overheadDo You Miss Your Overhead Projector?

Would you be interested in using your laptop and mobile phone to do a slide presentation and / or as an overhead projection? If you travel and need to do training, this could be just what you’re looking for.

I’ll summarize the video for the Overhead Projector Chrome extension… for a slide presentation, the video will show you:

  • How to pair your smartphone and laptop with the DeMobo Slides app.
  • Use your phone’s volume button to advance slides for a slideshow.

For a digital overhead projector, you’ll need a stand for your laptop. The second half of the video shows you:

  • How to use DeMobo and your laptop camera as an overhead projector with your phone as a remote.
    • The overhead projection can be shown by itself or at the same time as the slide presentation.

The slideshow displays in Chrome here.  Or present your slides from Google Drive Slides, Prezi, Slideshare, Speakerdeck, Scribd or Issuu.

Other apps from DeMobo use your phone as a photo projector or as a remote for YouTube video presentations.

MPD UPDATE (04/27/2016):

In response to this post, our friends, Daryl and Ceil, wrote me about their set-up for MPD:

Daryl and I have been using this set-up using Apple products while we have been raising support this spring. We have two iPads, a 3 and a mini, and use Keynote to run the presentation on one while we run the presenter notes on the other. We can use Apple TV to project the presentation on someone’s TV. We can also use our iPhones as the remotes, but they are harder to read because of the size.

The presentation has to run in Keynote to use these Apple products, but it is easy to change a PowerPoint into a Keynote presentation. We create the Keynote presentations on either the iPad or Daryl’s Mac, using photos that I took on my phone.

I suspect the Google set-up runs similarly.


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