TntConnect, eQuipping for eMinistry, and YOU

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By now you know the news; TntMPD is called TntConnect. Former Cru staff and developer, Troy Wolbrink, has joined the staff of Global Service Network. He’ll continue to provide TntConnect free-of-charge, developing and maintaining this tool for the 500+ organizations and 12,000 people who rely on TntConnect.

So what does this mean for you and me?

TntConnect and YOU

What does this mean for you if you were a TntMPD user? You may keep using TntConnect (formerly TntMPD), and benefit from the development and support you previously received. TntConnect is up and running as before with full support and new features. The delay of support last year was because of working out a licensing agreement with Cru.

Obviously, if you prefer to use MPDx, then this change has little to do with you unless you’re considering TntConnect.

If you don’t use any software tools to manage MPD, you will benefit greatly by using one; please read on.

What Others Are Saying

Perhaps these Cru staff can help. Martha Conrad, HR Specialist in Western Europe says:

Troy is actively partnering with Agape Europe (as Cru is known in Western Europe), continuing to re-shape TntConnect to meet the needs of our staff. He is currently even adding features so that local teams can easily use it as a support-raising tool for their ministry funding needs. Many ministries in Western Europe include TntConnect training as part of their MPD training. Staff across Western Europe use TntConnect extensively and are very happy to have an offline, robust tool with great analysis features, especially for senior staff.

We are very excited about the multi-currency feature. Many of our staff here have support in multiple currencies (we have 4 currencies!). And many of us want to be able to work on MPD on the train or a plane where there is no internet access.

Bob Mac Leod, Operations Director in Global Fund Development writes in his new TNTtips blog:

I recognize that TntConnect isn’t the right tool for everyone. But I also recognize that there are many people today who were like me [when I started using it]: Wanting to know more but having no one to show them how. I hope this blog can give you some good and helpful tips.

Ellis Goldstein, MPD National Director, wrote in Facebook’s MPD Sharing of Ideas group:

I was a long-time user of Tnt. No question, it’s a great program. I’ve been one of the sponsors for MPDx and committed myself to learn it. So glad I did. As with any program, I had a steep learning curve, but the outcome was well worth it. I love that it’s web-based and it definitely provides what the majority of staff need. Its integration with Google is what we wanted as a ministry. For those who want to remain with [TntConnect], go for it.

Which to Choose?

You have a choice of which tool you want to use which fits your needs and the way you work best. Whichever tool you choose, commit yourself to using it regularly and learning new uses for it. After a while, you’ll be comfortable with how to utilize it. You may even surprise yourself with how easy these tools can be.

MPDx and TntConnect both offer contact, task, and gift management while syncing with Cru’s records of your partners’ donations (and more); these are your basic requirements for MPD software. Both developers are aware of needs and continually adding features. (Here’s an article that may help you in deciding: My Research for TntMPD and MPDx.)

If you’re ready to start now, download and install TntConnect available for Windows and Mac. Or, login to start using MPDx.

TntConnect and eQuipping for eMinistry

Since TntConnect is my preferred tool, I’ll continue to post occasionally about my personal uses of TntConnect. I’ll mention TntConnect and MPDx as I write about MPD and recommend additional resources available to you as well, such as:

  • MPD and Social Media has many great tips for using social media with MPD which are helpful to all Cru staff. The tool mentioned for this Cru blog is MPDx so if you use something else for MPD, you’ll have to “translate” the great social media ideas over to the tool you use.
  • TNTtips is a new Cru blog written for TntConnect users.
  • Also, I recommend the Facebook group, MPD Sharing of Ideas, for frequent discussions and help. Write me (e4e at cru dot org) for an invitation.
  • Hopefully, you’re already familiar with MPD content on The Staff Web.

TntMPD or MPDx? Which One’s for You? still has about 25 reads per month even though it was written 2.5 years ago. It’s mostly accurate and may be another post you’d like to read.

My hope and prayer is to assist you with MPD, social media, and technology in an easy-to-understand style.


  • MPDx is no longer a Beta version.
  • MPD is now a trademark of Cru. Since eQuipping for eMinistry is for Cru staff, I will continue to use this term for Ministry Partner Development.

What do you think?

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