Saving Facebook Posts… for Bloggers, Too

FB Saved

Today’s post in the Byte-size series is about the new Save feature in Facebook.

Saving Facebook Posts

Did you know you can save links, videos, places, events and more in Facebook? You’re the only one who sees the things you’re saving.

Saving Posts and Pages

You might want to save posts for prayer requests, how-to videos, a favorite family photo album, etc. Here’s how:

  • Click on the dropdown menu in the upper right on any post and choose the bookmark icon to save.
  • Click on the ellipses (the three dots for more options) on a Facebook Page to save it.

You could save Facebook Pages for blogs you read and people you follow. You’ll start seeing the save button for products on websites; they want you to “save for later” if you’re thinking about a purchase.

I’m saving different posts that will be useful blogging material.

Finding Your Saved Posts

  • Go to your home page.
  • You’ll see the red bookmark icon under Favorites on the left.
  • Click to open.
  • Use the filters across the top to narrow down what you’re looking for.
  • Use your browser’s “find” feature if you have a lot of saved content and need to narrow your search further.

Having a Facebook Share Button on Your Blog or Webpage

Most of us will wait until our blogging platform offers this to us, but if you have a self-hosted site, you could have a Facebook share button on your home page and / or for specific posts. This is more involved, but if you’re interested, find well-explained instructions under point #3 in this article by Social Media Examiner, New Facebook Sharing Options: What Marketers Need to Know.

Also, feel free to use this post to educate your readers about saving your blog posts in Facebook.
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Each byte-size series post is meant to be easy for you to do.

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NOTE: The Byte-size series photo is of a 28-pin integrated circuit, CP2102 (USB to Serial chip).

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