FYI: eQuipping for eMinistry’s Posting Plan for 2017


eQuipping for eMinistry’s Posting Plan

I’m tied up all week with a theology class on God, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible, so today I thought I’d give you a quick glance at my 2017 posting plans for eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e).

I now try to write once per week with some solid content. I aim for posting on Monday or Tuesday. Most posts will be over 800 words and solidly researched.

The monthly plan breaks down like this:

  • First week: an eMinistry post – using technology for ministry (evangelism, discipleship, MPD,…)
  • Second week: an eQuipping post – a how-to or tutorial, including help with MailChimp
  • Third week: a social media post – focusing on using social media
  • Fourth week: a blogging post – help and encouragement for Cru bloggers, including help with photography

Every six weeks I’ll “change it up” by alternating a guest post, a biblical perspective post, or a podcast post. (The links take you to some examples.)

Did you notice? A podcast? I haven’t done this yet and would like to make some time to put together podcasts with how-to’s on blogging. I’d appreciate prayers that I could get that started.

If you haven’t already, sign up for the monthly email from e4e so you’ll have the content you’re interested in. The email goes out on the 15th. I also offer a weekly email.

Continued Features / Events

I’m thinking of doing an advent series written by Cru guest bloggers this year instead of the Christmas blog tour. I’ll be looking for some good advent devotionals from our Cru bloggers to share with e4e readers.

I always host a spring blog tour of Cru blogs.

Next summer, I plan to put on BAM17, the Bloggers and Authors Meetup at Staff Training.

Social Media and eQuipping for eMinistry

I hope to be sharing related content more consistently on e4e’s social media channels. I also promote and advocate for Cru staff. Thanks for following:

My personal accounts with e4e content are:

I also publish a weekly paper based on tweets from selected Cru staff at e4e: Best of #CruTweets.

Just writing all this makes me wonder if I can keep up, but I’ll give it a good try! (Any volunteers out there?) I have other ideas, too, but these are the “essentials” to start with next year for the eQuipping for eMinistry blog.

If you have any suggestions for this plan, please give me some feedback!

Guest bloggers are welcome! Contact me with your post idea by writing e4e at cru dot org.

The photos are from Salzburg, Austria, and were taken by myself and my husband, Mike. I chose these images because of the contrast… in today’s world, our phone lets us know the time and the weather. These clocks, sundial, and weather station were sprinkled throughout the city.

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