12 Social Media Blogs to Follow

If you’d like to improve your presence on social media, perhaps you’d be interested in following a few blogs that specialize in social media. Many of these social media blogs offer email subscriptions, conferences, and books.

Social Media Blogs to Follow

Well-known Names in Social Media

These guys are sought-out for their advice. Searching their sites will bring up a wealth of information. If you need lighter fare, read on.

Chris Brogan

Guy Kawasaki

Seth Godin

Social Media Examiner

Often, when I do a Google search, Social Media Examiner comes up. No wonder, it’s one of the leading sites. The founder is Mike Stelzner, who also has a 10-minute daily podcast. Why not follow their great content on your favorite social media platform? Go to the main website for links to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram or to sign up for the email newsletter or watch the video news show. Here’s a few of their social sites:

In this interview by Convince & Convert Mike shares his advice for success in social media:

Be a servant. Give away whatever you can give (advice, content, curated content) rather than trying to promote whatever it is you’re trying to promote. When you can become a dispenser of value to people on social channels, they will love you, they will share you, and you will grow.


Other Top Social Media Blogs

I’ll write a short descriptor about each of these blogs. Check them out on their sites and choose how you would like to follow their content.

Beth’s Blog covers social media for nonprofits.

Copyblogger can help you with writing and content.

Jenn’s Trends focuses on Instagram, but does offer other help.

Peg Fitzpatrick is a social media professional, also offering help to bloggers.

Problogger has everything a blogger needs to know about strategy.

Razor Social is the place to go to learn about social media tools, such as Buffer, Canva, Commun.it, etc.

Rebekah Radice, Chief Marketing Officer for PostPlanner, also has written articles specifically for bloggers.

Socially Sorted specializes in visuals. Donna is from Down Under, so give her a burl.

Source: The Ducklings image is available from 7-themes.com.

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