The 2019 Global Digital Report

The 2019 Global Digital Report

Are 73% of the Adult Population Connected to the Internet?

The free 2019 Global Digital Report from Hootsuite and We Are Social is out.

While the population of our planet grew 1.1% last year, Internet users grew by 9.1% and active social media users grew by 9%. That’s one million new Internet users daily. The report states 57% of our global population are connected to the Internet. If I’m doing my math right, by subtracting 22% of the population (children), then 6.004 billion of the world’s population are adults. So, roughly 73% of adults are connected to the Internet (I divided 4.388 from the chart by 6.004 billion adults).

With half the users as Facebook, Instagram grew 4.4% last year while Facebook grew 1.7%. Twitter lost 2.7% of their users and Snapchat, 12% (slide 82).

The extensive slideshow at Digital 2019: Global Internet Use Accelerates, has 221 slides with charts on social, mobile, age, gender, literacy, voice control usage, Internet speeds, and more. If you dig into all the reports and links, 5000+ free charts are available. I’m surprised Pinterest was not in this slideshow; I think I’ll grab my shovel and dig around for it.


Video content is growing in popularity. Are we as a ministry considering that 92% of Internet users are streaming videos every month (click image for a closer look)? The Mormon church’s viral content is very attractive and shareable. The JESUS Film and the Global Short Film Network are penetrating this niche. Can we do more?


We Are Social’s perspective on the coming year is fascinating. Local and minority voices are growing in their impact. Young people are closing off outsiders. Virtual influencers are emerging on Instagram.

Here’s their slide (click image for a closer look):

Digital Trends 2019 Slideshow Table of Contents

I’ve made a table of contents of the slideshow to help you narrow your focus.

  • Slide 5 – Links to In-depth Local Reports for 255 Countries
  • Slide 6 – Global Overview
  • Slide 11 – 2019 Regional Overviews
    • Slide 12 – Africa (36% Internet users & 80% mobile subscriptions)
    • Slide 14 – Americas (78% Internet users & 104% mobile subscriptions)
    • Slide 16 – Asia-Pacific (52% Internet users & 104% mobile subscriptions)
    • Slide 18 – Europe (86% Internet users & 130% mobile subscriptions)
    • Slide 20 – Middle East (71% Internet users & 119% mobile subscriptions)
  • Slide 22 – Global Population Overview
  • Slide 31 – Global Internet Use
  • Slide 62 – Global Social Media Use
    • Slide 85 – Facebook (2.1 billion)
    • Slide 106 – Instagram (894.9 million)
    • Slide 115 – Twitter (250.8 million)
    • Slide 125 – Snapchat (306.5 million)
    • Slide 133 – LinkedIn (604.4 million)
    • Slide 141 – YouTube (2nd to Google for most-visited website)
  • Slide 147 – Mobile Social Media Use
  • Slide 154 – Global Mobile Use
  • Slide 169 – Global Mobile Internet Use
  • Slide 189 – Global E-Commerce Use
  • Slide 208 – Sources, Credits, and Links to More Information

Future of Social Summit

I learned about this report by attending a free Future of Social Summit. I gained practical application from the speakers. If you sign in at this link, you’ll have access, too.

Santiago Garcia Solimei

If you only have time to listen to one speaker, I highly recommend Santiago Garcia Solimei, Global Director of Social Media for Meliá Hotels International. His social media savvy and implementation are amazing! Go to the link for the London conference and fast-forward 56 minutes. Solimei’s effective and easily transferable ideas include:

  • taking advantage of user-generated content
  • drawing on micro-influencers
  • engaging followers
  • featuring employees
  • enlisting employees as advocates with Hootsuite Amplify
  • and more

I hope this report and webinar help you with your Internet and social media strategies for 2019. I’d love to know what you’re doing.

What are you going to try in 2019?

Source: Charts are from the slideshow at Digital 2019: Global Internet Use Accelerates.

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