Make Your Own Cru Thank You Notes

This post is for Cru staff.

How are you doing with your MPD tasks while working from home?

We miss the folding machine at work for our prayer letters. We haven’t been able to get cyan or yellow cartridges for our printer for months at a time due to a shortage. What are your challenges?

Hopefully, this post will be a bright spot for you.

Make Your Own Cru Thank You Notes

A sample of our homemade thank you note.

I designed a thank you note with Cru branding a few years ago. I just updated it to the new Cru branding.


Download the thank you note on Drive, using your Cru email to get in.

Change our name to yours and test the note on your printer to see if you need to adjust the margins.

Print on white 8.5″ x 11″ card stock. Cut in half and fold.

These notes fit in a standard invitation envelope (4 3/8″ x 5 3/4″).


  • Did you know of the slight changes with branding? I had to change fonts and colors when I redid this note. Take some time to make sure you’re current with branding. Find The Cru Brand Style Guide on the StaffWeb.
  • You could also order regular Cru thank you notes from ChalkLine. They already have the template and graphics.

What do you think?

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