Tips for Sharing the Gospel through Your Blog

Do you want people to discover faith in Christ from visiting your blog? Of course, you do.

Tips for Sharing the Gospel through Your Blog

I’ve been posting on my evangelistic blog since February 2007. This morning in my inbox, I received this email:

“Someone said YES to Jesus!”

What a wonderful surprise! My visitor was from Houston, Texas. They didn’t leave a name, a message, or an email address, but I will still pray for this person.

Why Are You Blogging?

The first thing a blogger should consider is why they’re writing and to whom.

I started The Sovereign, with a specific audience in mind: people living in the Last Days. The Sovereign focuses on the soon return of Jesus Christ. I present Christ as Creator and Savior to those who don’t yet know Him. I hope to encourage Christians to be good stewards, to lead holy lives, and to share their faith with non-believers.

I write when I can (because I maintain multiple blogs). I’ve had about 150,000 hits and have over 1500 followers. Most days, at least 30 people “drop in.” My hope and prayer is that people will find content on this blog during the Tribulation period. I’ve chosen topics that I think will be of interest.

(Share a link to your blog in the comments and share why you’re blogging.)

Other Content

Over time, I’ve found lots of great content for the Resources on The Sovereign.

One link on my blog goes to The Story. I’ve had a link to their Gospel presentation for years. Finally in 2020, and after 400 visitors to this link, two people indicated decisions for Christ! The Story tracks my visitors who click on my link to their presentation page.

I love knowing that people can “hear the Gospel” through me 24/7 and no matter what I might be doing. They will also be exposed to the Gospel after I’m gone, too. The Sovereign is the free WordPress version, so it will still be up after I am no longer around.

No matter what your numbers, would you like visitors to find the Gospel on your site?

Re-visit Your Blog Regularly

This email was a good reminder for me. It’s time to clean the site up.

I have two sidebars on my blog, but many people visit my blog on their cell phone. I’m actually surprised very many people would scroll down as far as they need in order to see my Story link. I designed the site for visitors on browsers. It’s not friendly to mobile visitors. This weekend, I’ll clean up the sidebars and move The Story to a prominent place.

On a phone or tablet, your reader sees your home page blog posts and then the left sidebar content. They click to see more, which would be the right sidebar and then footer.  Currently to get to my Story link, a visitor scrolls past six blog posts and 14 sidebar content before seeing The Story. Since my purpose is to present the Gospel, I need to “move it up”.

Problems with my site:

  • I designed my blog for a browser while we live in a mobile age.
  • I need to move up the Story link for mobile visitors.
  • Even for a desktop visitor, The Story is “below the fold.” That is, someone has to scroll to find it.
  • The blog is bloated with widgets and information.

Many of us wonder if we may be near to the Last Days, so that’s another good reason for me to take some time to refresh the site.

The Story has changed, too. I need to see what new features I might be interested in. Their original widget doesn’t really help someone to know what it is.

What about Your Blog?

Do you need to update your blog or some or its features?

How do you direct visitors to a Gospel message on your site? I recommend The Story if you don’t have something like that on your site.

It was encouraging to me to know that the effort I made to provide a link to The Story has resulted in two people entering God’s kingdom. I’m motivated to improve my blog and look forward to seeing more visitors.

NOTE: The photo is a screenshot of my email.

What do you think?

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