A P&A Update for Mileage and for Tracking UPV and Blue Cross Numbers

This post is for Cru staff. If you feel like you’re in deep water with manual claims, the report I found should help you as you learn the ropes. Let’s navigate around a few things in P&A’s manual claims.

A P&A Update for Mileage

I updated all the links in eQuipping for eMinistry posts that go to the Mileage Worksheet for P&A. HOWEVER, the mileage rates change every year. The best way to have the correct mileage rate for your claim is to use the form at StaffWeb/Healthcare Reimbursements/Tools. (The link in this post is good for 2020 through June 2022).

The mileage rate for 2022 matches the 2021 rate. I don’t know when the U.S. government will raise its mileage rate due to our current high cost of gasoline. For now, 18 cents per mile is what we have.

I won’t be able to keep up with rate changes on this blog, so, again, always go to the StaffWeb for your current worksheet.

EOB Mileage Versus Ministry Mileage Reimbursements

These days, I include a ministry-expense MPD shopping trip when I go for a lab or doctor’s appointment. It’s easier to reimburse a ministry mileage expense than EOB-related mileage. When possible, I choose to reimburse MPD mileage for that day.

I started doing this because it’s been hard to resolve an error on P&A’s part from January. I used two EOBs as receipts for mileages on a claim. The processor thought I was submitting a manual claim for two (already-processed) EOBs and deducted $85 from the claim. I still haven’t been able to resolve this error with P&A. BUT that takes me to a report I found (see the next section).

A P&A Update for Tracking UPV Numbers

I use a spreadsheet to track the UPV numbers of claims and the line items of that claim, but I’ve never seen the UPV numbers again. They were lost at sea as far as I could tell. It’s been difficult to track down all the smaller checks and odd numbers I sometimes receive from P&A.

Until now.

Go to the P&A home page. Next to “Healthcare Reimbursement,” notice the button to the right with “Choose an action.”

Click the dropdown arrow and then click “Print/Email account details.”

Blimey! Thar be the missing UPV numbers!

Under Plan details, you’ll see three charts: Claims Submitted, Pending Claims, and Claims Paid. This first chart has the UPV numbers. I was able to find the dates and check numbers for the two EOBs that were already paid. They should not have been deducted from my manual claim check. The next step is taking the time to submit a Claim Response to defend my case.

A P&A Update for Tracking Blue Cross Numbers

Tracking an EOB Expense

I put a date and explanation in my personal spreadsheet when I’m home from a lab or doctor visit. When I see the EOB on the Blue Cross site, I put their nine-character Blue Cross number in my spreadsheet. (I’ve added a column for Blue Cross claim numbers. It’s not in my downloadable spreadsheet yet (see NOTES)).

When I’m notified that the EOB is ready to process, I match the Blue Cross number on P&A and approve the EOB. This is very helpful when I have many similar amounts close together.

With the forms I found, I’ve been able to figure out what happens with the claims I submit. I hope these ideas tide you over until my next P&A post.


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