Your November MPD Ideas

Your November MPD Ideas

As you know, I’ve started a series of MPD ideas you could do per month until the end of the year.

November has the standard tasks you expect for your End-of-Year Ask. See the EOYA checklist on Cru’s Staff Web for the official guidelines for EOYAs. It’s similar to the graphic at the bottom of this post.

You may or may not do an email on Giving Tuesday. I send out a few fund appeal emails two days later. More on this under “Various Ideas.”


You may want to call, text, email, or write your partners on a “special day.” Your partners appreciate hearing from you. Connect with your veterans or those with an adopted child. (I’ve sent Thanksgiving cards to some of our donors for many years now.)

  • November 11 – Veterans’ Day
  • November  19, 2022 – National Adoption Day
  • November 24, 2022 – Thanksgiving

If you weren’t able to do my September and October ideas consider:

You may still need to work on meeting the December deadline for medical claims. See December Deadline Reminder: Keep Up with Your Medical Claims.

Various Ideas from eQuipping for eMinistry

The following are some links and highlights about email fund appeals from this blog. I also have some important tips for your give button on your email. Click on the posts that would be most helpful to you.

  • Thoughts on Fund Appeal Email Campaigns is a post from a year ago. I use paper letters for fund appeals, but for a few years now I’ve sent out handfuls of fund appeals by email. I explain why I don’t send these on Giving Tuesday. I wait two days when my email won’t be “buried” in our friends’ inboxes. I discuss sending an ask and a non-ask email to the same person.
  • This post is a little more advanced and is about the look of a fund appeal email. Make sure your email is mobile-friendly, choose the best time and day to send it, and “bullet-proof” your give button. (That is, if your give button is an image, it will only display if your recipient “downloads pictures.” I share a work-around.) Read more about the 3 Tech Tips for your Fund Appeal Email.
  • Learn how to have a designated amount displayed on using a specific link in your fund appeal email. You can do this! Go to Fund Appeal Reminders and scroll down to “Additional Option for Your Giving Link.”

Source: The Give Thanks photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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