December Deadline Reminder: Keep Up with Your Medical Claims

This post is for Cru staff, but I hope it’s useful for my other readers, too.

Plan Ahead to Enjoy the Holidays

I encouraged you in the previous two posts to take care of some things now so you’ll enjoy your holidays. Try not to stuff all the last things to do into December. (Only your Christmas stockings should be stuffed.)

I hope my posts will give you ideas to spread out your tasks and free up your December.


The first two posts were MPD-related. I talked about keeping up with thank you notes, updating your Give Site, and more.

  1. Your October MPD Ideas… and a Deadline
  2. Get Ready for the End of the Year Roundup

AND THEN . . .

Mike reminded me that we need all our 2022 medical claims submitted by the end of December.

I’d forgotten. Maybe you have, too.

Keep Up with Your Medical Claims


If you want your medical expenses for a particular year to count for that year, you must submit them to P&A by the end of December. You can submit past that date, but the claims will go to next year’s total.

Submitting claims to P&A can be complicated, especially if you have many expenses. I’ve written several posts on filing claims. I hope this one is helpful: Your Reimbursement Workflow and Free Checklist.

Blue Cross

I also learned on Workplace today that Blue Cross has an 18-month limit for submitting claims. Again, as long as you are full-time staff, reimburse healthcare expenses from your staff account if you miss the deadline.

ALSO . . .

Hurricane Ian plowed through. That has changed a lot of things for many of us. I understand that this post and the others may not be that important to you now as you recover from storm damage. We understand. Mike and I took months to address damage from three hurricanes passing over us in six weeks in 2004.

We’ll pray that God will help you trust Him for His provision and for what you can do now.


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