What Are Your Tech Challenges?

What Are Your Tech Challenges?

I would like to know your ministry and tech challenges. I hope my survey will give me a clear view of what would minister to you most.

I can’t handle everything or know everything, so the survey will guide you with some suggested topics I could address.

I also don’t need to duplicate effort when others have already supplied extensive resources. (Some of those topics are digital strategies, MPDX, security, WordPress, and social media outreach.)

However, I do have a lot to offer in helping staff. By knowing what you need, I will be more purposeful in my topics.

Of course, you want to send regular information, prayer requests, and updates to your friends. I want to help you write well and help your content be seen.

I’d love to assist you with MPD communication and/or blogging and social media communication.
I strive to write in an easily-understood manner even for very technical topics.

Thank you for letting me know how I can serve you through using this form. (You might like this survey question: What software or hardware do you struggle to use that is needed in your ministry?)

Thank you for your time!

Source: Rock-climbing photo by Hu Chen on Unsplash.

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