Why Technology + Ministry?

Perhaps the most important question, if you are considering using technology for ministry, may be “why?”

Technology to Enhance What You Already Do

Do you write letters, make phone calls, send emails, or travel for speaking engagements? Probably now, or in the future, you will use technology to do these things. In fact, you may even have been at a disadvantage at times when you didn’t know how to use tech tools.

  • Are you increasingly using email to connect with others, but you need more help to send a group letter with photos and hyperlinks?
  • Do you need to learn how to make attractive brochures?
  • Do you want to find ways to share your faith with your Facebook friends?
  • Have you started blogging, but wish you could touch more people with messages of hope and forgiveness?
  • You fill in the blank____________ !

This site can help you learn to use technology you already know so your ministry is more efficient and effective.

Technology to Open New Doors for Ministry

For this aspect of the eQuipping for eMinistry blog, you may or may not know how to use the technology, and/or do the type of ministry described, but you’re interested in exploring new ideas and seeing if God has an opportunity for you. 

  • Would you like to answer emails from people from other countries who want to learn about Jesus?
  • Would you like to use a hobby to connect with people online and then share your faith with them?
  • Have you considered starting to blog or tweet, but don’t know where to begin?

A Special Note for Campus Crusade for Christ Staff

I know you, your life is lived to the max.  You really don’t want one more thing and may already be comfortable about your current use of technology.  Let me just ask you a few questions to encourage you to join in helping other staff use technology for ministry:

  • Are you using technology for MPD and communicating with your donor team?  (Continue reading after this bullet list.)
  • Can you pass this blog along to someone you know who would benefit?
  • Can you spare an hour with someone to help them get up-to-speed with something you’re already doing?
  • Would you like to help?  I’d love to hear from you!

Many of us who are already doing the following recommend you start putting these pieces together:

  • A blog about your ministry
  • Attractive eMails to your donors
  • Friending your donors on Facebook
  • Keeping track of your donors with TntMPD
  • Sending at-the-moment, from-the-field mobile photos and prayer requests to some members of your team
  • and more
I’m sure this seems overwhelming, but even just adding one piece of this to what you’re currently doing will enhance your relationship with your partners and eventually make it even easier to be in touch with them.   At eQuipping for eMinistry, we’d like to help you bless your partners and expand your ministry.

6 thoughts on “Why Technology + Ministry?

    1. Thanks so much for visiting, Cassandra. I am actually praying for God to put together a team to provide training and resources to help CCC staff women enhance their ministries through technology.


  1. Thanks so much for using this of technology to reach out to countless number of people. God richly bless you for the support. Ready to support whichever way possibly.


  2. I am a bi-vocational pastor in a local church here in Ontario, Canada. I am in the Information Technology industry as a Senior Business Analyst, and so am very interested in your eMinistry. I am very keen in participating in any role that I can, especially in sharing the gospel online. Would you mind letting me know how I can participate? Thanks and God bless!


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