Our Featured MK Bloggers

I’m starting to collect blogs from our very own MKs.  I’d love to grow this list, so please comment if you know of a meaningful blog built by Campus Crusade for Christ staff family (some of the MKs are adults, of course).


2 thoughts on “Our Featured MK Bloggers

  1. Our daughter, Ellie Harl, has a blog: http://ellies-ramblings.blogspot.com/. She is a sophomore at Ohio State and involved in Cru there. This summer she is heading to Slovenia with the OSU Real Life group. Our daughter, Mary Henderson, also has a blog: http://tunemyheartblog.blogspot.com/. Mary graduated last June from Belmont in music education, and then married Ian Henderson. We are so grateful that all three of our girls are walking with the Lord and growing in their faith.
    ~ Kathy and Frank Harl (35 and 33 years with Campus Crusade)


    1. Amen, Kathy, I’m rejoicing with you that your daughters are walking with the Lord. I added Ellie’s and Mary’s blogs. They look like they have great content.


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