MPD, Community, and Text-Prayers (Guest Post)

Guest post: “Several times a week, if not each day, I will receive multiple texts from a group of 5 women. We are able to share details that are relevant only to people who know our whole stories, who are invested in our lives.”

These women for me, and the men for my husband, have created this intimate community through texting. I know that when I text that group, there are 5 women who are immediately taking me to the throne of heaven and interceding for me. And, on the flip side, there are very few things that I enjoy more than interceding for these women in that way. Continue reading MPD, Community, and Text-Prayers (Guest Post)

MinistryNet 2011 Overflows with New Ideas

New ideas and new methods were presented in seminars and discussed in groups at MinstreyNet 2011. The groups were challenged to meet several times during the conference to develop do-able 90-day projects. Some of these projects are already in process. You can watch the videos the groups created to present their ideas. (Also, three friends who attended MinistryNet allowed me to post photos from the conference for a short Flickr slideshow.) Read more about this strategic conference held recently in Bangkok. Continue reading MinistryNet 2011 Overflows with New Ideas

MinistryNet 2011: Decisions to Disciples

Campus Crusade’s MinistryNet conference just started, but it’s not too late for you to participate. What is MinistryNet? Every two years, a growing number of men and women, committed to building spiritual movements for Christ, gather to strategize about using the internet for ministry.  This year’s conference is in Bangkok.  Their hotel and location are not affected by the devastating floods, but I’m sure they’d appreciate your prayers for: health and safety (no flooding) God’s guidance in the discussions Actual 90-day plans to implement some of the ideas generated at the conference Since the last conference two years ago, mobile … Continue reading MinistryNet 2011: Decisions to Disciples