Assessment: Your Blog, This Blog

September is assessment month… and the fifth anniversary of eQuipping for eMinistry! If you would like me to look at your blog this month, I will be happy to give you my assessment. I can only guarantee an assessment for the first twenty Campus Crusade for Christ staff blogs. If I receive requests beyond that, I may or may not be able to get to them, so send an email to e4e at cru dot org with a link to your blog as soon as you read this. Continue reading Assessment: Your Blog, This Blog

Have You Tapped into the Culture of Generosity?

I’m sure you’re aware of the growing collaborative nature of the internet (see this Wikipedia explanation of Web 2.0). Many ministry sites are leaving behind passive web sites and moving ahead to involve others in ministry using the internet. If you want to change the world using volunteers and/or disciples who are freely contributing to a project, whether or not you plan to use technology to do it, then I recommend you watch this excellent thirteen-minute Ted talk by Clay Shirky, an expert on the social and economic effects of technology. Continue reading Have You Tapped into the Culture of Generosity?